Accommodation in Rome

Rome is able to offer a wide range of accommodation options, from sumptuous world-class 5-star deluxe properties, to budget-friendly, cozy, family-run hotels and rooms which are characterized by an attentive and caring service. Most of the hotels are within walking distance from Congress venue, located in the city centre.

Attendees are recommended to book their hotel accommodation as soon as possible in order to have the best choice of available hotels as June is very high season in Rome with most people taking their holidays in the summer during school break.

This is a list of recommended hotels very close to the Congress venue (walking distance).

Five stars hotel

Hotel Distance from/to congress venue and address
Corso 281 Luxury Suites 0.4km – Via del Corso, 281
Harry’s Bar Trevi Hotel 0.5km – Via di San Vincenzo, 10
Singer Palace Hotel 0.6km – Via Alessandro Specchi, 10
Grand Hotel de la Minerve 1.0km – Piazza della Minerva, 69
The St. Regis Rome 1.1km – Via V. Emanuele Orlando, 3
Sina Bernini Bristol 1.1km – Piazza Barberini, 23
Hotel Majestic 1.3km – Via Vittorio Veneto, 50

Four stars hotel

Hotel Distance from/to congress venue and address
Hotel Mancino 12 0.4km – Via del Mancino, 12
Rome Glam Hotel 0.4km – Via Nazionale, 82
Rome Life Hotel 0.5km – Via Palermo, 12
Otivm Hotel 0.6km – Via d’Aracoeli, 11
Relais Trevi 95 Boutique Hotel 0.6km – Via del Lavatore, 95
The Fifteen Keys Hotel 0.7km – Via Urbana, 6
Hotel Artemide 0.7km – Via Nazionale, 22
iQ Hotel Roma 0.8km – Via Firenze, 8
Rome Style Hotel 0.8km – Via dei due Macelli, 106
The Hive Hotel 0.9km – Via Torino, 6
HT6 Hotel Roma 0.9km – Via del Tempio, 6

Three stars hotel

Hotel Distance from/to congress venue and address
Hotel Centro Cavour 0.4km – Via Cavour, 233
Boutique Hotel Galatea 0.6km – Via Genova, 24
Hotel Caravita 0.6km – Via del Caravita, 5
G55 Design Hotel 0.7km – Via del Gesù, 55
Viminale View Hotel 0.7km – Piazza del Viminale, 14
Princeps Boutique Hotel 0.8km – Piazza dell’Esquilino, 29
Giuturna Boutique Hotel 0.8km – Largo del Tritone, 153
Hotel Albergo Santa Chiara 0.9km – Via di Santa Chiara, 21
Parlamento Boutique Hotel 0.9km – Via delle Convertite, 5
Tree Charme Spagna Boutique Hotel 0.9km – Via della Mercede, 37

Two stars hotel

Hotel Distance from/to congress venue and address
Hotel Artorius 0.3km – Via del Boschetto, 13
Hotel Labelle 0.3km – Via Cavour, 310
Hotel Paba 0.4km – Via Cavour, 266
Hotel Ferraro 0.4km – Via Cavour, 266
Hotel De Monti 0.6km – Via Panisperna, 95
Clarin Hotel 0.6km – Via Palermo, 36
Hotel Azzurra 0.7km – Via del Boccaccio, 25
Hotel Giuliana 0.8km – Via Agostino Depretis, 70
Hotel Erdarelli 0.8km – Via Due Macelli, 28
Hotel Everest Inn Rome 0.9km – Via Nazionale, 243